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What are the health benefits of manganese?

What Are The Benefits of Manganese?

Manganese supports the normal functioning of your body. Learn more about its role in supporting your health and wellbeing.

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Manganese is an essential mineral obtained from your diet and stored in your bones, kidneys, and pancreas. This vital trace element supports several different functions in your body, contributing to your health and wellbeing. Manganese helps the body release energy and contribute to the normal formation of connective tissue and the maintenance of normal bones.

What is a Trace Element?

Trace elements are minerals that are found in the tissues of your body in minimal amounts. They are obtained from food and are involved in many different functions in your body.

Good Sources of Manganese

Manganese is found in various foods, including bread, nuts, cereals and green vegetables like peas and runner beans. Manganese is also found in black tea, with 4 mugs a day providing anywhere between 1.8 – 5.2 mg. You should be able to get all the manganese you need by eating a varied and balanced diet. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, taking a food supplement can help support your dietary intakes.

Importance of Manganese in Joint Health

Your joints play a crucial role in keeping you mobile and active. They are complicated structures made of bone, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments. You can do many things to help look after your joints, including stretching, mobility exercise, and watching your weight.

Besides, JointCare is a range of food supplements offered by Seven Seas, specifically formulated to include nutrients to maintain normal bones, muscles, cartilage and connective tissue. Our four products in the range – JointCare Active, JointCare Max, JointCare Supplex and JointCare Supplex & Turmeric – all contain manganese. Manganese contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and the normal formation of connective tissue, while vitamin D helps support normal muscle function.

Food supplements must not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Our JointCare Supplex & Turmeric has been specifically formulated to support an active lifestyle. It supports Cartilage, Bones, Muscles and Connective Tissue to help you in 4 important areas of JointCare. Plus a 4000 mg Turmeric tablet.

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